which was shortly after Bruns introduced this plan of treatment. The
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is not accompanied with longevity ; most people are of a
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68. SKELETON LEANING ON A SPADE, Workshop of Titian.
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leucocyte is readily understood, for by this means the nuclei are set
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member, except one, was suddenly taken sick, puking every
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avec des briques et du platre, dites votites plates;
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but yet sufficient to produce a chronic constipation ; and here I wish to
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the School's chief information officer. "Sixty-eight percent of students have
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assumed a typical purulent character, that they were
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as ordinary Medical Practitioners " — and of course we believe
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the tsenia, and a vesicle full of water." In fact it was sup-
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defined affection, not of the kidneys primarily, but of
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Ass. Health Off. Ontario, Toronto, 1887, 23-27.— i»Iarp-
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or less, for a period of eight months ; and the woman fell off m flesh a
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strictor fibres to the lungs, it seems obvious that under
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Spina Bifida Association — Nina L. Steg, M.D., Liaison
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vaso motor influence or not is undecided, some claim- I into the circulation of an animal except into one
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syringed the frontal and ethmoidal sinuses with hot air with
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lic schools of Cincinnati. Cinciii. Lancet-Clinic, 1894, n.
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argued by Koch, has been often attempted, by Hueppe among the first, and
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fair compensation, it will lye contrary to experience ; and if these officers
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