our increased medical knowledge and the proper diagnosis and

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fat-producing elements, we get a sufficient quantity in the starchy por-

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The Physician^ s Duty in Obstetric Cases was discussed by Dr. C. E. Cole.

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babies are fond of it, — stop crying to take it — will sleep well after-

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the upper extremities, abolition of knee-jerks, ankle-jerks, and

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This volume is of moderate size, and is designed to place before

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disinfectants. Piatt's Chlorides, one part to ten of water, frequently sprinkled

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Sept. 24. — 11.40 A. M., pulse 96, temperature 102 J^; slight tympanitis;

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professor of chemistry and physics in Williams College, Mas-

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diversified classes of work, such as pursuit or scout work, recon-

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enlargement of the liver and spleen are almost invariable. The urine is

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is incomplete. The patient can, it is true, move the limbs which have been

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several narcotic gases and vapours, a new substance— the

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should make one suspect tubercle, in older subjects we should consider the

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Quadruplets. — Mrs. Newton, of Scottdale, Pa., has

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rative material, and is held in suspension in the fluid.

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by curettage. A bouillon culture is prepared, and from this agar

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atheroma and other circulatory disturbance, whereby the lung's nutrition

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and is preceded by a discharge from the nipple, is a cystic adenoma.

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Patient having less pain ; temperature 103 , some nausea and vomiting. Wound

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the American Journal of Medical Sciences for 18GG, some observa-

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paralysis" (Striimpell, Church, Dana, and Collins, in

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plenty of healthy outdoor exercise in the beautiful

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