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these remarks by stating that the patient returned to us a few

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tions. Zirkon-oxid is absolutely non-poisonous in all quan-

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perform, (2) infectious, and (3) toxic. These may be active in various

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demand has been made upon the reserve force in the motor areas,

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from the posterior angle of the wound with strips of iodoform gauze

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programs gave residents substantial experience providing continuity of care for underserved

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do right and avoid doing wrong, and yet their remains

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led ; in consequence, the patient will experience repeated returns

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normal. She remained well about a year. I was called again in

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that of Broussais, being the legitimate outcome of the

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where death may have been due to poison, violence, or

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the effects of temperature and the continued passage of air over

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his drug; in emotionolly unstable patients susceptible to drug obuse

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therefore, the treatment required for it will have the most favorable influ-

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Magazinf. Thierheilk. B. xi und xii. See Heusiiiger, p. 62.

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similar to that accompanying hypertrophy of the left ventricle.

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drinking water, adequate dressing rooms with two compartment

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Dr. Head attends on Wednesday and Saturday, at 1.30, p.m., to visit the

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any sign of ulceration or necrosis at any other point

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and form a network of fine red lines under the sur-

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in 1798 published his fifst separate work — the Tableau Elementaire de