w^ith rapid strides in different countries in comparatively recent years,
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pulse may be decidedly affected, both in its force and frequency;
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divisions of the skin are confused ; the normal elements of both are
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present the matter in its proper light, and to shew, that the whole
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genh., W'iesb., 1897, xxxv, 282-295, 1 pi. - Jaequeau. H
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Within the womb, however, there have been two convenient
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cylindrical body which is joined to the neck and whose long axis extends
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and subtracting from this the weight of the capsule, we have remaining the
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f(ietal appendages. Hence appearances observed alike in normal decidua
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Dr. L. K. lIoi.T exhiliitud photographs and read an acctount
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5. — Charles, in discussing the question of the entrance
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lignant, or nervous diseases, but a marked rheumatic diathesis
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ing, violent pains in the stomach, a sense of excessive coldness,
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It is said that dew collected over rice-fields often contains so much
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anticipate that sooner or later a like origin will be discovered for aU in-
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and nurses. A stain should always be made to determine whether the
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scribed, as well as primarily in the decidua, which
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and hence is under the control of the central nervous system, regulating
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rhages were more frequently met with than now, but still this com-
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strewed with the small, round, grayish or white granules, of
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It is now quite evident that flies lighting upon a case of smallpox,
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The darkest sliade and the root of our evil, however, is greed.
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the glands of Lieberkiihn was devoid of epithelium, and tilled with mucus.
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semicircular canal (P) in the retrolabyrinthine approach.
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which they will sell round-trip tickets at the prices affixed.
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lung capillaries so long as the oxygen in the alveoli is
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sensitive nerves of the skin only are irritated if the current is
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evidence at our command is to be found in printed docu-
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grammes resin ; 80 grammes castor oil ; 2000 grammes alcohol. After
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She was treated energetically, but remained in the hos-
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The writer believes the rule to be that if a woman's men-