results, that in an adult with no previous brain disease, almost the entire

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been the means of prolonging the patient's life. A further

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both white and red precipitate have long been considered as among

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opinions of the various authors who have written on the subject are

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disorder soon extends to the upper limbs as well. Slight unsteadiness

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less, the same meaning. It may be said that, as this patient has

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and Benedict and by Myers and Bailey. As, however, the subject

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facilities, and communication with the rest of the world

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instances made with little difficulty. Pancreatic cysts which arise from

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sures. Thurar. — Heart normal. Lungs healthy, with excei>tioii of

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away, but the placenta was left behind till the next day, when it was expelled

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rhubarb. The use of alcoholic drinks is absolutely to be forbidden.

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no examination of the urine had been made and the cases not properly

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Dr. Merrill's report is only a preliminary one, and after

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in Experiment 35 B, and flea 5 in Experiment 27 (see text).

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Water differs in several essential particulars from any other article

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the boy was ordered to take, besides nutritious food, tannic acid, gr.

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enjoying a wide reputation as a resort for the cure of in-

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ed by students as well as practicing physicians, the programs

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thought, however, that in addition to the chronic de-

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acid, bichloride of mercury, quinine, and the bromides,

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Inasmuch as hemorrhagic variola is usually hopeless in character, and

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are wanting. He ought tp know his line of road well, for

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the deceased by the arms while the other struck him in front. This suspicion

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ultimate results of his course of instruction greatly im-

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tumor. Osteomata of the frontal sinuses must be considered as very

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which there may be two opinions. We believe it has been distinctly

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cut out, no diabetes takes place. If the graft is removed diabetes

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to a slight degree, the disease disappearing spontaneously. Five

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