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between the structure of their brains and the character of their

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reported over one hundred cases, which he thought must be a

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2 pi. — Marshall (L. W. ) Treatment of congenital

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(which is supposed to be a mild cinchona tonic). The

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ease may be introduced into herds previously quite free

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pitious for insect life. Dr. Rush, in his treatise on yellow

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period of the disease, usually after several years, the atrophy lays hold of

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tap an intestine that is full of flatus, fluid, or fasces, and in

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" An extraordinary circumstance, and one of not very unfrequent

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in our text books of medicine regarding typhus, is the

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present knowledge of the exact textural alterations and their

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directors for an increase of £7,000 in the annual income.

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instances were not rare, and in one case a year had elapsed be-

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structures. Originates in a crack, fissure or wart-like

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leagues of the Bureau of Entomology, Department of Agriculture.

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the nail was coming off. Immediately upon removing his shoe,

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without danger and followed by no bad effects, this question

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December, 1659, in Roxbury, Mass. John Josselyn mentions an epi-

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Indeed, it is only consistent with that love of truth and exactitude

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This is particularly noticeable in the case of the breeds of beef cattle

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thus far not been satisfactorily demonstrated. It has been assumed

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etc. The frequency of gross errors in orthography in many contributions ia

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fontanelle of a healthy child one hears a systolic murmur ; this has been

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notable lactic acid production took place, but experience has shown

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much indican is frequently present. Jaffe believes that it may have

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close relationship of the two diseases, it is easy to understand that they

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of the nervous system seems necessary to its production. Membra-

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formerly Dr. Edward Warren, of Baltimore, in which he claims this inven-

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current and brief exposures, not exceeding 5 minutes,