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Properties. — A clear, greenish-yellow liquid, having the

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and alone responsible for the production of an optic neuritis in cases

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(Canada). " Le traitement hypnotique de la dipsomanie," Revue de V Hypnotisme, vol.

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i $25,000, part cash. For terms and full particulars address:

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Causes. — By some is considered as the result of indigestion;

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icine. During the last year he was a National Insti-

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duced into the body of a susceptible individual, of induc-

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The sectio cadaveris revealed malignant disease of the head of

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from thia point. The so-called roots of the auditory nerve in the fourth ventricle, do not

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an epiileniic of typhoid fever in .south-east Essex in 1890.

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which she was to take a table spoonful every hour, and likewise

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new alkaloid, endeavored to procure it in its isolated state, as

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is heard at the base. The condition should be regarded as the counterpart

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semi-religious expressions, "O dear," "good Lord," etc. Men

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to the description already given of those of acne indurata. The affection

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death in the extreme algid state the surface temperature may slowly

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tained satisfactory results by doing a free tenotomy

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with chilliness and shivering, cold feet, oppression at the chest, her -eyes

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this : do not perform the operation in exhaustion from uterine

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At the Congress of Physicians, in the spring of 18S8.

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the anatomical position of the pock in the early stage of the

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some morbid process, such as pharyngitis, rhinitis, or otitis (those

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fastened around the body by a pair of tapes and kept

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In one case which I have placed on record, a thickening of the

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natural or acquired, been searched for. These pheno-

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have to remove the placenta in some way. I have had a case somewhat

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BtUaatiUa. Pulsations in the pit of the stomach. Vomiting of

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I believe that the general practitioner does more harm- in

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tion there is invasion of the blood and tissues by bacteria together with

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