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visceral inflammations is common. It is generally found
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Temporal Bone after Scarlet Fever. — O. Heermann * has
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in ordinary succession, will, we beUeve, be elected, although,
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placed on a low fiber diet, instructed to chew his food
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has hitherto been irregular and uncertain. Dealers and makers have
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we be familiar with histology ; in order that we may be
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i)unf;lison deserves the thanks not only of the Ame-
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H. F. Sandeman, Esq., £2 2s. ; Edwin Saimders, Esq-, £2 2s. ; Dr. Sibson,
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B^e of a gall-stone from the gall-bladder to the duoc)«iiun). Thr la»1«
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twelve hundred feet above the level of the sea. The
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pulse, with a retracted abdomen, etc. The enteralgia of chronic ma-
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a member of the Senate of the University of Toronto for many
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This change is seen after the compensatory pause following premature ven-
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urethra, because it is entirely hemmed in by the unyielding
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membranes of the intestines from a specimen which had been
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popliteal aneurism, however, you diminish the pulsa-
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though its presence is a better sign of the integrity of
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here, in order that the Massachusetts regiments might be supplied
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attended with slight fever; and accompanied with a peculiar
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and the hernia was soon reduced to half its former size. The patient was re-
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in a body its rights of hospital managers and dispen-
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These defects are now being remedied, however, by the
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determining conditions which give rise to the local manifestations in these
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l)eriods of time, and the treatment and the r(f-ults
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they had continued several weeks, he perceived pain
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submit to various hardships in consequence of their not being
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nervous agency.* "Bertrandi and Audouille (1819) sought for a me-
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raised by Dr. Bashford when he spoke of the incidence of malignant disease.
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prolonged. By repeating the movement frequently the action becomes
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the air-passages, and thus a want of evidence of death from apoplexy or
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of discrete spots. Situated over the middle of the right
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abdominal wall, which is then held down by the dressing. I prefer the method described and
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sicians, is so far from casting disgrace on the profession, that
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and lead to poat-partum haemorrhage. He agreed with Dr. Glenn
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to the special physiological acts of the organs ; these nervous modifications of the capillary
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Record, 1847, ^ short paper from the pen of Dr. Quintard,
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pneumonia causes the hemorrhage rather than that the hemorrhage
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became very distressing, especially in the legs. The
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analysis of the blood and urine, and organs, in a large number of cases. Daring the chill of
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hardly be said to negative the rule, as they are but little
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that important additions were made to the faculty by the
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of a small boat. The lady was drowned. On an examination of her body
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