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some extent, instead of to a great extent. The article
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three years of life, are those in which epilepsy most frequently commences.
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mation in the submucous tissues. As a consequence of this, we have an
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by his friends to be an admirable one. The biographer traces
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succeeding one on varieties and deformities of the pelvis, will
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The first luncheon will be in the Casino Room of the
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MISSOURI MEDICINE/August 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 8 473
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in childhood is very often to be ascribed to some degree of impairment of the
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feeble, and death generally occurs in about a week, often from
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of application in the medium which surrounds us, and acts upon all
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seemed to be a constant tendency for the lymphocytes to decrease
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structure, and in their behavior under the action of chemical agents.
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it is not so. The maximum diameter which stretches the vulval
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receive only, the lowest grade of full certificates authorized
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trix, and yet secondary symptoms have appeared. Look-
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Neither should we despair of a solid union of the wound, unless where the neck
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showing a rise of 0°.6 C, in the short period after the introduction of the poison.
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insidiously, and spreading itself, under judicious management,
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shudders and weeps bitterly ; during intermissions throb-
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than is necessary to control the patient, viz., Nos. 1 to 4,
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sideration, was deemed to have a separate and inde-
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remarkably sensible qualities, has the power of producing great
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used this treatment in my practice with the excellent
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the valves of the heart with the site they occupy ; but of
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were marks on each side which were said to have been produced by the
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the beneficial effect was immediate. From October 18 onwards
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variety. I believe that the ovum has commenced its development in the tube, and then,
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are reflected upwards. The fascia joined the muscles in
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At that time I knew nothing of the pathology of cholera,
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sionally even this is ineffective, sound glands becoming sue-
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the streptococci pass from the mother to the foetus, the internal
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gested feeling in his head, he suddenly and entirely lost