during the last twelve months her hands have become more clumsy than

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were due to spreading degenerations in the nervous system.

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Rest. No outside activity, no walks, no trips to the

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France. Five thousand francs have been bequeathed to the

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The idea that the retention of the milk is the cause of mastitis is,

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In a recent paper by the writer, attention was called to the

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In April, 1895, Professor Ramsay was studying the nature

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is no remedy so efficient as the subcutaneous injection of morphia and

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preference to camphor, because it can be given sub-

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layer of angioblastic cells. As compared with those of

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tion of heat and moisture — the internal use of neutral salts to dissolve

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1. A physiological misconception. In the first two years of

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and small swamps, ponds, etc., we find that the larva? of M. rossii

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results have been obtained by Cadwalader. Vaughan regards the

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lupus vulgaris; a neuritic inflammation of the skin,

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