breath on' exertion; was never able to play '''1"^^, when manipulated, blood oozed free-

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lady, which I had treated unsuccessfully by the usual remedies, and

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" The Chara will live in any temperature above freezing,

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cysts. Pick reports a case which he thinks may throw some

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respiratory tract is often the site of entrance into

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Lect., Lond., 1885, vi, 17 - 36. — Blaekett (C. R. ) The

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terized by local heat, swelling, and tenderness, and an

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tives, and friends, and even the physician, are further

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the retina, and of the eye muscles. He offers rather too

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left lung. The digestion continued unsatisfactory, but nutrition was

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decline to half their proper strength and utility, and hasten

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a copious discharge issues therefrom, after which it appears to

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the stimulus to contraction lies in the cardiac musculature itself.

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observation, and usually veterinary surgeons have been able to

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only safety is in the induction of premature labor. Dr. Barker expressed

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all preparations for historical work were renounced.

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empty more slowly than the average, whilst those of low acidity,

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subsequent vaccination, has given most gratifying results. In

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eruption is present, but which is so obstinate as to dishearten the patient.

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needles, then carried far out under the internal oblique muscle

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liter ■\. Some persons killed by foul air in a cellar

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and recuperative energies of the physical system. This was an