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characteristic of myositis fibrosa, as well as the gradual hardening of the

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cold, in the care of the patient, the affection can frequently be prevented

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elimination of lime" (Hammarsten). Recent study of these cases with

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course of the disease these symptoms may become more pronounml. Condi-

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Grenerali, found the thyroid colloid disappeared after parathyroidectomy.

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support it. Rolleston,^ however, adheres to the former theory, and thus

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mophobe" cells. According to Benda, accepted by others, the various cells

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tant to keep the blood in as good condition as possible, and for this iron and

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ischaemia and loss of function. The temporary amblyopia has been seen

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for t)u! inliiliitoiy clTi'cl, ftir it lins liccii t'liinitl tliiit if tlic ixM-iplici'iil

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1.01:1 to 1,712 e.e. for a twcnty-foiir-honr period, fr< m l)S4 to l.Hl'i e c

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useful for flexion of the knees, and gentle forcible straightening of the fingers,

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Eztremitdes. — ^These may become involved early, may remain free

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alcoholism or one of the hereditary alternatives. Such easily contract a

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this and thinks the pressure of the aneurbm on the nerve trunks caused a

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These t\Mi re.iiliiiL's of s\s|(ilic pressure slioiild he close tojrelhcr. 1 :

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treatment. Ktister mentions four favorable factors in the prognosis, the pos-

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rant the acceptance of this as a rare but definite occurrence. In a recent

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weaker and weaker, after successive elicitations, until no response was

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Mielllnil I see paye ".Ml » . Ill llie ease nf iinrmal lilnnil. ,if|ei' Sllcll an aihli

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well, (though with regular quotidian returns,) till

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lapse; and at the end of ten or twelve hours the symptoms may all disappear,

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