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less pain may continue, that is, analgesia may be wanting.
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the reaction is not violent, the number of times that the cere-
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trary to those above stated, or opposed to the habitual condition of the
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1897 Thompson, W. H., M.D., F.R.C.S. Eng., King's Professor of Institutes
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trous or deplorable, which is sure to be construed as a
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are beneficial. Change of air and residence may be required. The
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being correspondingly augmented, are diminished or actually suppressed.
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16. Sensebach, Willis: Some common conditions not due to pri-
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of the parts with effusion of blood. It presented the appearance of an exten-
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and, when a vein is obstructed, throughout the venous system which is
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tion by the sweating in summer, or induced by lowering ailments. This is