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Before applying the ointment, one may apply locally a lotion
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tated, and there be no predisposition to adynamia. A few hours of direct compression, which
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faradism, so that, if anything has to be slighted, it is advisable to omit
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"tumour " was found to consist of a mass of doubtful nature, at
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Congenital and Progressive Hypertrophy of the Right Upper Extremity. By
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I wish to refer to the use of the anti-streptococcus serum in
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bone. There was also found a comminuted fracture of the upper end of
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reached 102.4°, 10 cc. of the antistreptococcic serum was
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first view of the immortal state. It is then that the effulgent
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Pennsylvania (Buchanan), Philadelphia ; Beach Medical
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Historical review ; Virchow ; William Addison, Waller and Cohnheim ; Goodsir
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into the substance of enlarged glands, in amounts varying^
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action which seemed going on in the abdominal cavity. With this view
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since non-disinfectant evacuants can effect only a par-
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