mon symptom, and I bring it forward chiefly for the purpose of render-
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midwifery was not an unavoidable or necessary evil. Even in times of
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A third stage is attained when the patient begins to take
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sons whose calling does not bring them into direct con-
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preliminary stage the operator has to carefully avoid injury to the
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Some persons experience a burning in the stomach after taking
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ache, vertigo, specks floating before the eyes, somnolence, mental excite-
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tered crepitations, but no wheezing rales at the time of the first examination.
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or foot and lap about an inch. Apply these strips, begin-
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refused, the degree of the refractive error is determined
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blood." It has been pointed out by several authors that
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when the temperature of the air was about 6° above zero. After she
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wise said to exist, but is certainly rare; I have seen but one instance
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than that of the other. It is also of impor- When Myer saw the patient she was ex-
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much suffering. When it is certain that the eye has been
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Stomach" up to a comparatively recent period, the subject of
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arrowroot, and, a little later, beef-tea, should be administered in
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healthy man scratched his hand on a dry-goods box one
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which other syphilitic lesions coexisted. L. A. Conner, 2 in a critical
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all the appearances of a true optic atrophy develop,
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not only the haemolytic power of the human blood-serum, but
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toxic changes, a simple pyelitis, or typical tuberculosis. The picture may
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membrane, and in these I have observed that the throat and