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any one but himself to touch either these or any of his dressings.

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limate solution (i to 5,000), and renewed daily or every

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Since 1647 outbreaks of the disease have occurred, and

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«ach (separately) administered bv teaspoonfuls, at intervals of half

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been cleansed, with sudorific medicines only ; and from in-

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matter of pollen resemble the soluble ferments described by Dr. Roberts.

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of those described in several recent articles had slight fever for some

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moisture. The tube is first filled for two or three inches with pure oxide

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may be observed in the second and third intercostal spaces. Visible pul-

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helping to establish the operation among his Scandinavian brethren.

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following a wound from the lash of a whip, and Nicolaier's bacillus was

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Note. By mistake the manuscript of this translation did not reach

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eight hoars, I take off the bandages and shoe, wash the

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Alfred and Tom and old dog " Cash " were relegated to the

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specialty it is less commendable ; and when it is used to

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I was unable to introduce the smallest filiform further than half an inch.

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Frances Tirrell. It will be comprised in an octavo volume, and will possess pecu-

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