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1 House-plants as Sanitary Agents, by the Author, p. 263.

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ease. With the termination of this stage the fever remits and the other

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take off the bandage, sure. After the canula is removed tie

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eral tendency to collapse. The feeling of fatigue and exhaus-

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The bicycle, too, I look upon as a great therapeutic factor

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hsemocytometers, the hsematokrits, the hsemoglobinometers,

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tachycardia, and angina pectoris. Chronic gastro-intestinal catarrh is

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The tincture of iron and glycerin is a valuable local remedy applied by

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The duration of the sheet bath is a matter for the most careful discrimi-

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local and general. Profound prostration characterizes the vast majority

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Hospital at Washington, the Massachusetts State Hospital at Danvers,

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again narrowed. This active fluxion between the vessels of the deep

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may recur a little earlier, when the term 'â– 'â– anticipating" is employed.

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greatly with deglutition, aphtlious ulcers being common, while thrush may

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The albumin of the milk and other nitrogenous substances

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" cold water" to the skin of a consumptive. The proof of its value is

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take your whiskey straight, not as a cocktail. The sugar in

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We get probably little " Vin Brut" in the United States, but

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character of the rash (wliich in scarlet fever is erythematous), and the

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Tubes for peptonizing or pancreatizing milk may be pur-

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of a typhoid fever patient, or even of a small-pox patient, and

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discharge of water is produced from the cutaneous surfaces. Carbonic

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