existing conditions of society is probably in the main a difference in the

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the frequency of occurrence in this locality, since no case has been


It was therefore decided to perform a series of tests on different

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ent, there may be seen, normally and in reaction to inflammation, for-

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merely prolong the period of conduction. These do not interfere, to

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they become woll marked 1>.\ the time the child lias na< bed the

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gland. Belladonna is of great service in the treatment of the disease,

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Herringham, Wilmot Parker, M.D., F.R.CP., Assistant Physician St. Bartholomew's

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for right among the affected children grow up brothers and sisters

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the wall of the thorax, which it may erode, as in the example cited.

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his patients. More recently Drummond 136 has described this symp-

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the aorta with consequent gangrene of the organs within the abdomen

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experience has been very large — recorded any case of aortic diseases

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is a frequent antecedent to elephantiasis, the former condition merg-

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and he went back to bed. He refused to take more salvarsan after this experi-

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The small depots which were most pronounced in the papillary mus-

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balmy air is the best climate for valve lesions. Moderate elevations

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tion of a patient who is suffering from well-marked myxoedema is so

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detected. Sho passed safely through the first stage of the treatment

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tem is brought to bear upon the hemorrhoidal plexus (Erichsen).

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refluent blood wave is therefore propelled into the vena3 cavao, some-

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The diagnosis is difficult and usually impossible. The most stress

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putting his hand over the praBCordium, and attending expectantly for

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the search for a specific toxic substance seems indicated, and N. B.

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comparative facility with which the salts will pass through a dialyzing

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Fig- 1- — Acute nephritis, Case 1. The series of columns give the amount

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remained in the solution of the oil for even a very few minutes ; ten minutes

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the discovery of the condition. In fact, the lesion is often made

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points to be relied upon for the diagnosis are (1) a systolic murmur

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Elephantiasis of the Scrotum. — These scrotal tumors attain a great

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laries of the glomeruli. Nearly all the glomeruli contained some emboli, and

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rule, yields to no other colour in any quality ; but that the light chest-

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gested that inasmuch as sodium carbonate, magnesium carbonate and

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damaged by syphilis, lie will transmit to his offspring nothing unless

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for prognosis. It tends to negative the conclusion that there is

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gra, granting that it is a deficiency disease? Aside from theoretical

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* 43. Ord : Clinical Society's Transactions, vol. xiii.

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monary artery became diseased, some of the lesions being chronic,