bear such a striking likeness to the tumor now called hypernephroma that
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This eondition depends jiriinarily on disturbances in the control of the
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sion), the failure must be in a great measure attri-
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and the physiological activity of the thyroid. Oswald thought iodine essen-
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The tendency to-day, and especially among American writers, is to con-
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quent inflammation, the freeing of ammonium carbonate and the appear-
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"'l<l<'f "f.lin.iiv eiiemil>t.iliees i> only \en sli^rht. |,„t if the eervieni
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iiialieally peiforni many ot' tiie iiiiivetiieiits wliieii are exhihited in tlie
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Progiiosis. — As all the muscles in the body may be implicated, including
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The most striking objective feature of a case is the redness, which in
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be made by taking an a:-ray photograph with a stiletted catheter in the
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usually one especial process dominates the individual case. If suppuration
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tional hypertrophy. In Hulst's case the tumor measured 2.5 by 2 cm.;
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chondrodystrophia fetalb malacica. There were three cases in tnb group,
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retention of urine, necessitating the beginning of a catheter life, and on this
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Here, again, the type of disease has some influence. The peri-articular and
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J , tlie mean prneiitaue of CO. in tile aI\eo|ar air. fn ea«o tlie
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llieliiliraiie that will allnw the llinleeules nl' the snivellt lnit lint thnse nl'
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adherent, the parenchyma diminished, and th^ renal pelvis and often also
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to give it without any interruption. The favorable effects that are occa-
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the wound was not obtained. In itself it is not a condition which materially
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were attracted to the nodes from the circulating blood, while other authors
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» Soc. d'Anthrop., 1878, p. 280. * Arch, de Tocologie, 1876, iii, 45.
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a iniicli lonjrcr period without (in;) tvkhiit si/niptums of Intpcrpnca, ev.i.
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Perinephric and paranephric inflammations are quite common in renal
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iiiechanism <;overns the excretion of urine, no juoofs which are alio\e
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that some derangement in carlK»hydrate digestion may be a factor in some
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'\'\w III I |in^-iMr m..l.!..l v\illi a imrtiiry man-'iii.lii ib.u.r
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of infection occur, but infection from the urethra, from instrumentation, or
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liility, it is indeed tl asi' in most animals that the pulse is ipiieker <■
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the symptoms have improved after operation (Bittorf). It is possible that
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amenable to treatment. A. Kocher has pointed out some interesting relations
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as practised by Oertel in his treatment of certain cases of heart disease, may
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it must always be remembered that bony outgrowths having once formed
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or two a change occurs — ^they remain permanently blue, asphyxiated, per-
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are often thick. The ridges in the occipital region are usually much in-
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digestive fluids. This vaiies ver\- much, hnwcver, jwcordinir to il
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and physical exertion has been mentioned. Besides this, a constant apathy
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iiiK him without ifivlni? him food, nnd rei)eat this pi edure on several
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iniiiprisi' t'roiii <)."> to 7r> pci- cfiil ul' tlif liiliil I'lunit.
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' Proceedings of the Pathological Society of Philadelphia, 1908, Noe. 4 and 5.
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Wien. Klinik., 1894; G. Buschan, Die Basedow' ache Krankheit, Leipzig u. Wien,
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important, hence the question covering this point ordinarily asked of Amer-
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substance is perhaps identical with the secretion of the adrenal, raise ques-
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three grades: 1. In the mildest type only clubbing of the fingers occurs.
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and forearms and the bones of the feet and hands. The result is
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of the pneumonia. Exactly twelve months after this operation this same
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7!i. Sell, Ilia te shew the relatiniis el' the I'ai eliieiiiau IkkHos to the sinuses . . 2tS
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arteries were not more sclerotic than one would expect m a man of his age.