of weeks, however, he rallied to some extent, and for a time his

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in the hands, these have suppurated and are healing over by granulation.

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peri-renal adipose tissue different than that ncaiij

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sox upon Abdominal Section in Cases of Intussusception, which has attracted

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General anesthetics increased the danger from autointoxica-

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near Lambeth-Hill. The whole property has gone up considerably in value

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young adults, poliomyelitis is more likely. The distinction of diphtheritic

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Many persons who present themselves for examination fall

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XXV, 277-302, 1 jil. Also: Ann. d' ig. sper., Roma, 1899, u.

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relatively powerless to provide aggressive leadership

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2. Physiology. — Among points in this connection yet to be worked

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The report from the Catholic schools in the La Crosse Diocese

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six CbPes of continued fever. In f,ll of these ct-ses the

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claimed the estate as heir, the trial of which lasted nearly

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thetist is one of the results of progress in this direction. The careful

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panied with fever, nausea, and vomiting. In other cases the onset is

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in on the underside of the little finger, and coming out over the second

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upper parts of the cerebro-spinal axis, not as usual in the lower. The

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It is to be regretted that the beautiful mechanism of labour, so minutely

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more than eight applications, in most only three or four. Of the

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constant draining of blood ; the flooding which, commencing at the time of or

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examining it the finger was accidentally thrust through the

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urine was now reduced to 1009 and 1010 daily, the quantity

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the patient is using this electuary ; for, if these matters are neglected,

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ligation. Sometimes when we have a pyemia we expose and

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surfaces, and subsequently blisters or uses liniment of iodine. If this fail, he

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a few days, as well as all other symptoms of disease.

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