Some cases require early surgical interference owing to the acute and threaten-
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abdomen) and the wound filled with Lint or Oakum. In three days the
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Hospital, and died very quickly after admission. It
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thigh healing was obtained in four weeks. In a tuberculous
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made four days after the second. Convalescence was then at hand,
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Osier's Practice of Medicine, in the last edition of which an
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hanging upon us as a profession because of our failure
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Vesicovaginal fistula cured without major surgery (case
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title of Barlow's Disease. The terms "acute rickets" and "scurvy
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be due to psychical causes. As there are persons who beccxno dizzy
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condition was as follows : Pale, emaciated, easily fa-
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he rests on the back of his head and his heels. In other
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Nothing in the locality or character of the pain will enable us to
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ligament, which they must do to be efficient. This is
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of the various quarantine stations of the Public Health Service in
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conditions. Marechal's test is also easily obtained and conclusive. Some
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8. Hysteria. — The history, age, and sex of the patient, and
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in extraction. (It is here suggested, as matter for further investigation, whether
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are useless for the supposed purpose for which they have generally
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pressed more than the arteries by contraction of the muscular coat of the
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this fact, as follows: Superior portion of rim, two; superior and
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anism for securing the proper distribution of blood to the various
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Ninety percent of patients treated with low doses of
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through moist filter-paper. To the clear aniline-water
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his responsibilities at an end with the performance of a
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blood. Where pus alone is found, proper abscesses are of course formed. The
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primitive lenses of the great Dutchman set the ball rolling.
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" The frequent, quick, small, and hard, or wiry pulse, though
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leather; and between the two extremes we meet with all inter-
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inch, is within the pericardium and partially ^^°"« ^^^ween them and the pericardium,