he was seized with acute cerebral symptoms which confined
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advantages in the determination of very slight superficial dulness, e. g., small con-
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the influenza germs into the lymph-spaces of the cornea. The process,
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force on him food and drinks abhorrent to instincts, given him by Provi-
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the recent hot weather, the thermometer in Rhode Island being ob-
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Good alimentation is always indicated, and it is desirable that fatty articles of
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ourselves with assigning constitutional causes, for the affection
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right kidney, which was enlarged. As the left kidney was painless and not perceptible
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and fruit may be tried. Sometimes the diet to advantage in place of the alkaloid. The
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occupied areas of France, and last January the War Office took
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that these processes take place more slowly in this case, be the cause
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Vernon, N. Y., shot himself in the head. He was dead
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patient an extensive exploration was not deemed advisable.
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Oidium albicans poorly developed. The result of his re-
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anythini^ else leads many persons to look on vomitincr as a pre-
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The heart, lungs, and kidneys are perfectly sound. There is
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cartilaginous canal is slit through its entire length. The
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7.— Three cases of syphilitic disease of the stomach
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dermis, and hair. Their peculiarities will be discussed
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