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1 — cancer (of the breast), 1 — cholera infantum, 18 — consumption, 20 — convulsions, 2 — croup, 1— debility, 2
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* Gazette Hebdomadaire, March 21, 1856, and BSdin. Med. ami Surg. Journal,
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ever, has recommended, and supports its use. A person who
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additions or corrections that may appear necessary. In this
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The carcinomatous like the tuberculous disease has three stages ;
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sions, access to the pelvis might be obtained by trephining the
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debesche: reactions and hypersusceptibility in asthma 2G9
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finds its advocates ! Call this au unvisionary age, when the pale, half-
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Association were Jane G. Swisshelm, Phoebe Couzens, Mary Livermore, Elizabeth
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course of being cured, it would be fallacious to attach too much im-
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forms of the complaint, and, at intervals, from genuine acute gastritis. In
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mass, which proved to be an ovarian abscess, was easily re-
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increase in number of the leucocytes of the blood, with diminution of the
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non-syi^hilitic soil, which, to my mind, determines whether it should be
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for the relative infrequency in the newborn and child of the
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of age; some parasites (large tapeworms, hydatids, head-lice) are more
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the Trustees, she be relieved from all duties at the Hospital,
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the apparatus. The hot-air sterilizer will be found to give excellent
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(g) Bed-pans and Urinals. — These should be isolated and scalded
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in some degree appreciated ; it is indeed so constant and essential a &ctor
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cranial and facial features, and the cooperation of the patient. The amount of soft tissue
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ritation possess a low intensity, or the subject is constitutionally