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peritoneal infection is localized and ovarian or intra-peritoneal

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XXII. Local Functional Spasm akd Paraltsis. Writer's Cramp,

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and suspirious, but with the increase of depression becomes hurried and

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cussion of public relations techniques. Participating

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ish in size, perhaps actually receding entirely, as the degi^ee

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attack is markedly shortened. But these modifications are apt to

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of the muscle fibres and an infiltration of the connective tis-

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1)6 dark if not sorrowful. Indeed, hospital life seems as normal, so to speak, to

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brought to my consulting room by one of his confreres. I found

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modus operandi in administering massage ; it is justly taken for

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lium, sive, mediciuie theoricse et practiciE, libri

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6) x\pril 26, 1904, I received a six months' fetus born of a tuberculous

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application of hot sponges. Any one who has seen many opera-

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truly stated , with those of pneumonia, and, it may be added, With

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minim, dropped on the tongue with a medicine dropper,

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versities 'and all the Corporations were to come together and bo

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have arisen from a lack of personal observation. Great as is the

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(then) new disease was in September, 1S61, occurring in a family of four children,

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Tlie patient, a female, over oO years of age, when in a very

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damage, in .ZEtna L. Ins. Co. v. Portland Gas & Coke

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Both the centric and eccentric causes of epilepsy have been studied

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case, and which will, I have no doubt, again yield to the specific.

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weight has alwajrs been laid, is their color ; and, indeed, all syphilitio

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To come to a common understanding in respect to method

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last washing of each extraction below the standard color before

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stomach cont'iins lai-ge masses of partially digested blood, which has not

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report she was rather better, but had never recovered the com-

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nine days wonder, must needs be something great indeed.

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superior. All schools and denominations agree that this is a

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The Operative Treatment op Fractures. By Charles L. Scudder, MJD., Boston.

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sometimes in moist eczema and erythema, psoriasis, pityri-

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centre over a certain distance or territory external to it, whereby he hoped

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national Workers Order. Davis’ lobby, the Committee

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In a case observed in 1887 (age A}f years; ill only forty-seven hours;