desires and efforts of the mind still continue, if they command
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Preventive treatment consists in avoiding raw or very rare meat.
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but that incontinence had only reappeared three weeks before. The
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powder, and placed in conditions most suitable for it to
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down upon the bowel, I found the peritoneum considerably
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of Ginger, in 2 quarts of water; also use the following:
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Wainewright (B.), a case of vertieal fracture of the head of the
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regarded as a matter of little or no consequence, until it is
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Food should be nutritious, and as abundant as the digestion will
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we had generous wines, which the adminstration gave liberally.
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facts. The old statement that aneurisms were sometimes
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physicians would be pleased rather than otherwise with the at
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forico per le orine, negli epilettici. Ann. di tVeniat. |etc.),
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Prognosis. — Every variety of cerebro-spinal meningitis, except the tuber-
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globin, and the specific gravity of blood. Metabol-
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It is said " there is probably no better example of the
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nutrition and strength. The measures for this object are remedies to im-
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Under certain conditions arsenic has a specific action in living cancer
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17 haenep, B., by later hand. 18 cannaue, B.; in H. glossed wilde henep.
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lous character of the disease. The number of bacilli varied extremely in
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ration, while by no means always a success, lias resulted
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shortly afterward he loses the power over the left leg, the
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foreign, approved of by the l)ody granting the diploma, in which
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It i- essentia] that the interfragmentary gap be over
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night. There is no plan in it, and no end to its mysteries.
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-ing case was quite as memorable for diversity of sentiment,
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for the last six years, most of them slight, and an intermittent cough.
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of Applying Them. Thomas Morgan Rotch. (Concluded )
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aches, accompanied by a flushed face, throbbing temples and
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study of pathology its true place. It was said of him that he
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tablets the pains entirely disappeared, and had not returned w^hen
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Any especial dyspeptic symptoms are to be met by appropriate remedies.
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Let us examine, discuss, and, above all, meditate, so as not to
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treatment the hint as to the type of uraemia which may be
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therapeutic approaches are indicated. These include plasma-
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acetone content of the organs was increased as well. Another explana-
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brane. For a child under two years old I order thirty to forty