the results are better the earlier it is begun, it is evident that statis-
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Eight months before the outbreak of sraall-pox, cholera
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laxis of uterine disorders. In the section on puerperal convalescence, he
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be given and repeated every day, and the affected parts rubbed
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Mustard Fickle. — i peck of small cucumbers, ^ peck
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origin in profound disturbances of equilibrium between the glandular
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but becomes wider in the abdomen, where it coils several times.
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traction upon the points of suture. The after-treatment should consist in
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heart, and propagated in the course of the large : it sound is normal in
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to Dr. Lewis, all honor to Dr. Wood, but in a hundred years from now,
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10. Fritz RH, Crosson FJ Jr: Concerning the source of Pseudomonas osteomy-
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much, and frequent, and various commotion j spoon-meat. Give the breast-milk ; change
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swelling of the glands in the groin and axilla, phlebitis,
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from their history unquestionably to have commenced with acute pneumonia.
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zation, these movements may be explained as follows : afferent