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tumor. Osteomata of the frontal sinuses must be considered as very
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and errors of the eye. Viruuiia M. Month., Richmond,
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disease was readily detected : the pulsations were so strong that
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against this doctrine, sums up as follows : "The conclusion at which
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rally in the direction of the fibres, which last is most easily
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dentifrice, he says, is soap, which dissolves the mucus and
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few years many patients under m^' observation have resorted to sea-voy-
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what he relates ; his statement may therefore be implicitly relied up-
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lower position of the effusion. Such an error of inter-
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nary congestion. It is an affection incidental to old age, occurring with-
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tinued to progress and was checked only by daily hot foot-baths,
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the greatest reduction in alkali reserve was 7.75, which was obtained
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converted into dextrose. Not only the living mycelium, but also an
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Patent Graduating Pressure Truss, an unequaled instrument
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the liver, or icterus, or ascites, there be cancer of ihe stomach, morbus
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make examinations — all of which are not sufficient to decide the
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together, and both had swallowed some of the ordinary phosphoric
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the catarrhal process in the ultimate bronchi. Lobar pneumonia is a
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Circulatory, digestive, and pneumonia deaths yield some increase. As
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erous about taking her medicine; she did not appear to
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[Agchylostoma, Necator, Triodontophonis, CEsophagostoma, Physalop-
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without falling." Very probably the glutei, as is often the case
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Into this defect was grafted a rectangular bone shell taken from the
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and Philadelphia be sold, and that station hospitals be
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Chinese who have taken up their residence there, partly for business
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the hernial site; 2. the breaking of ' the lines of suture;