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WUUam Fleet Luekett, K.D., University of Louisville,
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that these spaces were cylindrical, and the depth was
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cisco have not become infected ; our correspondents state
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faculty capable of exhibiting co-ordinate and harmoni-
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operation; 3, What were the errors in the operative
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ties, is the want of care with which the cases have been drawn up. There
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the facilities for the prosecution of post-graduate work in
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the appetite, without inducing a dyspeptic condition of that organ, which is
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ont of the building. The building is nearly seventy years old.
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paresis of the rectum and of the bladder and with ob-
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for the disease itself. Thus a patient was said to suffer
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astonished at perceiving similar points of light issuing from the tips of their
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sary to mention that one end of each ligature was cut off close to the knot.
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denly with severe pain over McBumey'a point, felt nauseated.
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thought it might be of interest to the profession at
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visceral changes principally of a degenerative character.
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loids, glucosides, and other definite principles, for which prac-
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Movements of Army Medical Officers la accordance with orders
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Casb 31. — Operator, Curtis, 1898. Duration, 6 montha; extra-
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living ferments. A virus can be kept a long time and
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Case 9. — ^This patient illustrates the same points and was
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according to his own observations, this therapeutic agent, administered by
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Case 160. — Operator, Lloyd, 1896. Case 10. D. region ; duration. 2
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which affords a very effective method of disinfecting and ster-
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about medical ethics, one can not but wonder that there is
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less blood, which spreads itself around the fragments, and which, after some
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of this journal, which amply fulfils all our anticipations, in a late number
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is claimed that a children's hospital has been receiving adult
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