and stertorous ; the animal may breathe through the mouth, the
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tube. Rectal enemata had been resorted to throughout his stay
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are largely attributable to imperfect action of the uterus or some irregu-
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in dogs, either by the injection of an emulsion of the brain or possibly
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tion in cases of compensated valvular lesions often fails slowly, from
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occurred as to insure success, after which time the catheter is
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in the Birmingham, Ala., Medical Society, there seemed
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liore the fatigue of the trip astonishingly well. She is, I think, cvi.
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receding more gradually. Convalescence was uninter-
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sore ; the discovery of a new form of relapsing fever
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oatanh of the respiratory mucous membrane, and a peculiar eruption,
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produce exactly the same periodical and measured separation of them
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which he is glad to be accounted a member. No patients are
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siderable numbers, which become blue by the action of iodine,
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which produce uncousciousuess and loss of sensation. Those most
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Maj. J. W. Long, Greensboro : No medical meeting in this day is
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producing a lirely redness of the skin by very slight friction.
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It is well known that during disease this metamorphosis is either
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a florin and that of the palm, the patches cease to extend, and sooner or
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blame for this, the first yielding an excess of 10*7 per cent, over the
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thinks that the sudden fall of the blood-pressure permits some
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to subdue so painful and obstinate a complaint, the physicians
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coming reversed. Science, in numberless instances, has advanced beyond
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The conclusions which the writer drew were that the
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observations were made in the New York Foundling Hos-
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the mixture with the hands. Place in a retired place 6 or 8
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which minds are constituted, they would l)e at least as
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It ifl a aaiTorsal law, that the component parti ^ of the Uniyerse have not in themselyes
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that possess a sensitive nervous organization being especially prone to the
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were very slight. The six experiments with definite cardiac dis-
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particular com])licati<m or sequels, but erysipelas, furuneuli, an-I >i:!': i-
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the intellectual functions become more and more disturbed.
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ination, keeping the skin in a healthy con- bacilli killed by a mechanical plugging of
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20.G, Leeds 22.2, Leice.ster 21.7, Liverpool 30.S, London 20.8,
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parturient case with patience, never hurrying, except when the
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the second operation the patient had not menstruated pro-
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his supervision with the most satisfactory results, summer and winter, and
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could be heard over the dull area. The intercostal spaces
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accompanying infarct will guide the search. Later on, the coagulum is
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iii, 330; 363. — Korsch. Heber Behandlung von Ober-