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are, however, rare, and it is difficult to exclude the probabilities or
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TABLE 20. — Metabolism of Magnesium in All Periods
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2. Kober and Graves: Jour. Am. Chem. Soc, 1914, xxxvi, 1304.
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are present in small but variable amounts in different foodstuffs, a
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increased the nitrogen and sodium chlorid elimination to a greater
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Second, we have those in which weight dropped during fever and
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which may feel somewhat like a string of beads under the finger. Dr.
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of gaining weight, or pathological, as in loss of resilience with dila-
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tions. She was nervous and plethoric. There was a swelling the
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in the course of time it does consume itseK, but patients may live
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open. It does not appear to me that any evidence that can be regarded
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normal, the Wassermann reaction rapidly became negative and the
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to the organism in health and disease. The mere lists of amino-acids and
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experimentally in a few isolated instances with the aid of dogs made
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with morbid conditions of the naso-pharyngeal passages and with
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may mention here the case of a gentleman (v. Figs. 73 and 74) who
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to arrive at a correct diagnosis, especially after a single examination.
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unwittingly and very easily — its germs possibly being almost omni-
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months the extract of two and a half thyroid glands was injected
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was apparently disregarded. The patient went up and down stairs several times
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In another case observed by me, that of a, married woman, aged 29,
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Fig. 3 (Plate 6).— Lead II. Dec. 13, 1915. Heart responded to impulses
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in 1912; not present in 1913. Pellagrin 264, M. S., aged 18, had simply erythema
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ened by rheumatic endocarditis. The anemia will be less marked
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North Carolina. She had typhoid fever twenty-one years ago, since which
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over ten times the minimum required to form enough thrombin to clot
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glion appears to be not unusual, as out of ten cases which were exam-
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lost activity or else it may be that the part of the gland which is left
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