" If, therefore, there is marked and increasing laryngeal
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If every member of the County Societies would take it upon themselves
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the last three years. He is unable to obtain pleasure
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the brain had passed off. The correctness of the supposition he.
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use forceps, and not always when a woman wants me to, but when she
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of paralytic dementia, and which they call pseudo-gen-
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organism is the specific cause of diphtheria. On pages 197 to 201 there is an
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and stone dust are more liable to produce lesions of the
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tion is simply — Will you operate when the patient is in
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liver appeared to be somewhat more congested with dark blood than usual. The blood-cor-
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about thirty-five years ago, with a tumor as large as a goose egg in the
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us keep our auscultatory instruments in our pockets.
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Case 6: aged 11; admitted on the fourth day of dis-
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purchased abroad, and extensive collections of instruments and plastic
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statistical reports, to occur in cases of acute rheumatism in a proportion
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prostate, the accompanying cystitis was either rapidly cured, or greatly
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phthisis produce cleansing, and in many cases diminution in size of the ulcers,
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for special catalytic agents; but they require also the presence
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Wax-matrix potassium chloride preparations have produced esophageal ulceration in certain cardi-
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The influence of the rise and fall of the soil water in tjrphoid fever,
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causes of these can be traced to bad drainage and to the
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dominal fistula due to lumbricoids ; report of case with
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It is considerably larger in the female than in the male, because the former
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formed by Dr. Althof, though he had several times seen ectropion of the lower
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of wild rosemary leaves (folia rosmarini sylvestris) and
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encounters. That first impression will weigh heavy on the
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the amount usually present. We have only very rarely been able
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piotoplaam, and its nearest representatives in the mature organism
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rigidity and no other muscular twitching. Another child in-
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occasionally death from sudden syncope, or from suppression of urine and coma.
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the size of the stone, because I had to depend on the patient to
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we must look, not to the sewerage of the house, but to some-
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do right and avoid doing wrong, and yet their remains
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these haemolytic agents was the gastrointestinal tract.
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War, it might well be said that the record of the work performed by the Medical
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that pursued by himself in the University and Bellevue Hos-
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Lehigh Valley M. Mag., Eastou, Pa., 1890-91, ii, 6.— I.o-
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statistics of the institution. Nine operations have
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Neurasthenia. — Severe cases of these nervous troubles