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Glasg. (M.B,, 1895), from Lowland Mounted Brigade Field

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embracing, as it does, a knowledge of all those measures, through

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is necessary. What happens then ? If the patient dies, it will be said that he

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of weight or diminution of muscular tone, and one should be most

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arteries, the walls of the heart, and the cartilaginous basis of

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Dr. I. W. Condict, of Dover, N. J., writes : I have

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fulness and pulsation of the jugular veins. With all this there is

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teristic of the growth of this organism, for in this re-

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truthful and of great help in our physiological and pathological

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trouble for twenty-one days, when it was removed, the

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toys, by horses, swine, cats, dogs, and cows. It had

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ment, besides being a tedious and unnecessary process, is not on all occasions

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and he dates his trouble from that event. The enlarged scrotum was

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epidemic of yellow fever in New Orleans or Mobile, the remittents

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than that of the night of administration. It possesses no action on the

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tober 15, 1899). A man, 42 years old, fell while working at

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at I-,yons all are suckled, mortality, 33.7 per cent."

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Sour- year! ago I found Daniel's Conct. Tinct. Passiflora a valuable remedy in cases of

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out in order that profit may come from the discussion. I quite agree

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We have frequently given our reasons for not considering these

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been deficient in absorbable protein ; the body weight is very low,

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