intensity of the inflammation. In cases of some severity the brush wet

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with those of the profession, but this ought not to deter me

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CWH: Cottonwood Hospital. 5770 S 300 East, Salt Lake City 84101. (801)

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(both of which may present this symptom alone), but also the essential

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occasion fainting in those who are afflicted with them.

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ureter is blocked ; the kidney substance is, then, reduced to an atrophied

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predecessor had been equally ignorant. Consequently, from October, 1878, to

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and that contracts must specify this fact. The regulation

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Lo>T,Tos.— On MaylS, at The Priory, Southport, the wife of E. J. LongJon,

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When 18 years of age he acquired gonorrhea, which sub-

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when taking up life in its new abode. Intense virulence then imposes

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aborts pneumonia, but still I did not feel like acting on the hint. I

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been safely done at an interval o 1 thirty-eight, seventeen, and even

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a dose of O'Ol mg. of T.E., I should use my discretion as to the

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morphonuclear neutrophiles diminishes progressively throughout the

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dale. (;oiiii)t; rend. Soc. dn biol., P:ir., 1894, lo'. s., i, 397.—

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of these there was a fatal termination. It ought to be

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these two conditions are present, I believe — nay, I

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pure wine the mixture is intended to represent appear-

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rigidity of the abdominal muscles, together with general debility, emacia-

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gical evil ; the sense of pain is confined to the sensorium and sensory ganglia, in

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oxysm will or will not occur are about even. In a case of tertian type

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of the cholera in Japan this year, and up to June 20th,

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that all is not right with the liver, a dose of Carls-

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ism; and the elements that have subserved the purposes of vital-

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from their history unquestionably to have commenced with acute pneumonia.

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tions, leaving only one-fourth of the total to represent deaths

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in spite of the Charter were made presidents two and

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had been deaf, hoAvoA-er, in the left ear all her life.