criminating judgment, of which this is the crowning reward.
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1920 begin to mope alone, complain to his wife that his fellow-
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reactions which may obscure the clinical course of patients with head injuries.
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large majority of this loss is water, still with the expenditure of so
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even at the present day, we are acquainted. Pereira says of it, ' The
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ing from gastro-intestinal catarrh, evidently due to a lib-
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schools of our country, have, through the bounty of
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Iodoform in the Treatment of Tuberculosis. — Dr. R. S. Smith, in a
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traction upon the points of suture. The after-treatment should consist in
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times employed, and food given four times daily. The remaining 121
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liver, such as carcinoma and cirrhosis, may occur without even a glycosuria
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and jointed at regular intervals. It is said to sometimes
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Hot Packing. — In a former number of this Journal an ac-
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most part of a very serious character and really calling
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in Internal Medicine; Oncology fellowship, Queens j
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tissues or structures. It might grow fast to the bowel and this
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a specimen of the liquor amuii, four hours after delivery. Its specific
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sota Hospital Association, salaries of hospital employes
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Conjunctivitis, showing congested blood Iritis, showing change in shape of
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from a clinical point of view, to be carried out by accurately
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mind of each inquirer, and we regard Huxley as believing that tlie
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other. However, when their attention has been called to the fact
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without preliminary nausea, is liable to occur. This is attributable
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removed by subperitoneal hysterectomy. — Dr. Haultain showed — (a)
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the asthmatic attacks first yielded, and afterwards we noticed
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Remained during the time of observation in about the same con-
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bone, and a canvas slipper between which, acting from the sole
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intervals of 4 or more days between experiments. The total
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ment of spinal cord tumors. Large masses of tumor are best
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tympany, and can be simulated by percussing over the cheek
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" However introduced into the body, it increases the con-
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left eye the ability to distinguish between light and darkness was nearl}'
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2. The unusual sequel to such a condition — viz., the
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fortune^ strove again for wealth, succeeded, and again failed. For the third time
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