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intensity and number of the symptoms must, of course, vary very much in the

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those on Medicine and Surgery in part by clinical demonstrations.

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tickets for lectures. The bursar must, as a condition precedent to>

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be at all severe, he is very sensitive to cold, and often is drowsy and apathetic.

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skin, these injuries do not receive sufficient attention, and therefore they are

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Nathaniel Kleitman, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physiology; Student Counselor.

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mia, mention must also be made of the behavior of the body temperature. As

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recommends the application of the actual cautery to the neck.

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pathetic nerves (vide infra), are probably always clue to a lesion of the

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derived from the carbohydrates, nor, as was formerty supposed, from the

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ing electricit}', it is the best plan to give up electrical treatment entirely as

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cy^mmH fJ.fJc ^d^*"-*!**!!}^^: _3^^*!! 6J«spect1en (prior to shlf^ent) of Soverranent-

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stages ; but, of course, this division can have only a schematic value.

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slightest provocation; but frequently he is subject to quick alternations of

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protracted, for otherwise the patient may easily become fatigued, and the data

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cedema (q. v.). This may have to be continued for years. Under this treat-

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nephritis, and alcoholic neuritis, is an argument for the correctness of our

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and many other substances. Distilled water is also in this sense a poison.

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of medicine of New York, practising in the United Kingdom, may

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points "), but on the intervening points these rods excite no sensation of tem-

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motor ganglion cells in the anterior cornua) ; the second (peripheral neuron)

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itheir final examination and thesis have been awarded "honours." The

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extensors of the wrist, and in severe cases a paralysis of the interossei and

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Diagnosis. — The diagnosis is not difficult if we only consider carefully the

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Four- Year Certificates — Rush Medical College 116

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be considered here as in all tuberculous disease. Under this second head are to

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ships, unless the terms of the gifts stipulate otherwise.

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complication. The condition may increase to a stage of low, muttering de-

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flexes) is a circumstance which is not wholly without influence on the strength

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