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drate of chloral and bromide of potash were given at bed-
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Miller, T. W. , ^kj-.i'w//.- Granted leave of absence for twenty-
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toward a fatal termination. Furthermore, banishing a
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to, should be inquired about. Then the presence of foreign bodies is far more
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a sympathetic connection with the parts below." — (Blaine.)
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qualities of his father's mind, and to surpass him in acuteness of per-
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occurred it has been from nerve degeneration or from
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exposure to chemicals from the workplace or environment.
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♦ (J^zette Hebdqnpadaire, 26 J^mvier 1872, p. 54.
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and edema. The liver is granular with focal necroses, the spleen en-
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With regard to optic neuritis its indications in the early stage of the
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enteritis mucosa and rhinitis mucosa. The motor power was prac-
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the culture medium, of a grayish-white color, with a slight
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theory. And as the practice has been uniformly snccessful in seve-
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the house surgeon, and assists him in the application of dressings. This
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gration of the fats; this occurs but to a slight extent, since fatty acids are
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roxysm without its being succeeded with the ^ idiot stupor.'
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a term of study in London, passed the "Double Qualification"
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and below its u-;u d position. A still more exacrujerated
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mains for the most part in the cavity of the pelvis, ard she described symptoms
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12, 1858. Cited by Corre. Traite des maladies des europ6ens dans les pays