panhysterectomy. The abdominal operation is preferable and after
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for the steadiness and minuteness with which he prosecuted his researches, and the
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America and Europe. To many persons the taste of the coarse grades
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plasm, and holds that they are functionally hypertrophied
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made for the establishment of a Fever Hospital in the vicinity of this
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or the next day by a nasal, intestinal, or bronchial catarrh,
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times daily, and to administer enemas to prevent pain and
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three hours, and daily inunction of half a drachm of mercurial ointment) we
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tion on its work, of committing lessons to memory, or even of ruMj
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Lower Egypt, and also, though to a less extent, in Upper
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trace upon the heart. There is also, in his opinion, no antagonism between
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larly when administered in unvarying monotony), are found to have consti-
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modern surgical skill may attempt, and with success, the
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political involvement. I appreciate the immensity of our task, but I also recognize
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dollars for detached wards for contagious diseases.
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have been readily stripped off from the base of the tumour, and from the dis-
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Iceland. By John Finsen, District Physician. (Keprint
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one worked in a puddle of blood with the utmost comfort. When
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does the treatment employed no discredit to say that re-
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scopical examination and nothing otherwise abnormal was found.
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cannot be successfully used with clayey soils. The purification obtained
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all combine to make the disease a very characteristic one. It is, however,
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been subjected and a fierce snowstorm, occasioned a large number of
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works belongs to this second class, but that there is no occasion for
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machine isocenter. The BRW coordinate system is not valid for fractionated treatment
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