pediatricians. Located in shoreline community, five miles from
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testing all gas pipes and fittings by pumping air into them and
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transient attacks of dimness of vision. These are no doubt
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at the results of the plan as exemplified in the practice of his own
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presumably midwives, but certainly not prostitutes, were authorized to
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Dr. M.'s arrival there. As this was the first published case of tying
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To learn more about how to join the rapidly growing
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wretch, that an exclusive diet of absolute alcohol pro-
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moval of the lung would be \nmecessary. If the tumor
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my attention to the subject. In this work there ai-e
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ington next week, gives every promise of being very suc-
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aneurisms usually tubular, and generally symptomatic of ex-
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direction and supervision of such Bureau, for the purpose of determining from
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follow the attack, and is particularly apt to supervene on several attacks that
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guinea-pig, and the white mouse ; fortunately it seems to
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resistant than other diseases. Cases which have existed but a short time
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report of two cases and an excellent review of the bibliog-
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and the mortality is lower than in ordinary seasons.
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of time I have operated in some score of cases where varices
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Antityphoid serum in the treatment of tj^plioid fever was admin-
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insidiously, and spreading itself, under judicious management,
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tigation and classification of hospitals by the American
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uneasiness, but it may be considerably greater, so as to produce a feeling
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adenoid stage of anesthesia. It is hardly ever necessary to administer
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adopt Dr. Typaldos' conclusion, but we cannot admit it as
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women during the menstrual period, and the exceptional individ-
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reason to dread a convalescent, even if he still is desquamating.
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the orifice with a very ingenious and simple little instrument devised
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Fig. 9. — A Group of I>eper8 Along the Highway.
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interview of the patient with the Lord Chancellor or the Lords Justices,
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thrust through the nose had reached the region of the naso-
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and tlie sixth day after the rigor. No jjosi mortem
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(Henke's ' Zeitschrift,' 1844, p. 252.) In all cases of prolonged virility it is
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general practice ; several deaths have resulted from it, the
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lung, and mitral disease with enlargement of the left auricle would