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The muscles only partially regained their function in the absence of
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them to be self-supporting and units of value in the social fabric."
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effect as much more pronounced than from either the
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viride, repeated every ten minutes until the convulsions stop or the
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to restrain him from injuring himself or others. The
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Arch. ital. de biol., Turin, 1H88, x. 141-169. Also Repriid.
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square-shaped hole about the size of a half-crown piece, — the bone being
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Synonyms. — Sirongylus instabilis RaUliet 1893, 5. subtilis Looss
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not operate, for anatomic reasons, when the cavity is covered by the
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remedies, which appear in this edition for the first time, viz., tincture of aco-
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cipally by non-striped muscles, which form, as it were, an ex-
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that faces are discharged, and then in such quantity sometimes as
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mosquitoes were hatched for the experimental work. Of 11 susceptible persons,
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morphin does, decidedly mitigates the symptoms, and does
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tion at its recent meeting, held at Old Point Comfort,
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the same level. According to Dr Eeynolds it is frequently lower in the evening
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tongue and pyriform sinus. Below the clavicle the lung,
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vital forces, is not less in typhus than in typhoid fever.
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gressing in their normal directions. A shifting of the direction of