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treatment until she becomes " free to gain." The weight chart as a

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care this summer, when he had no doubt there would he an

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This 64-bed ultra-modern facility offers individualized

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merly, when gas was in use in the establishment in which

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ent in a larger number than this, but had been over-

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in which suspected cases will be kept under observation.

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nounced intimal changes as before described. There is blood

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new growth. A putrid smelling tube and putrid eructations have diagnostic

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plete hemiplegia existing at birth also entirely sub-

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state Sanatorium for Nervous Diseases. — ^A bill has been

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tion. This susceptibility is not noticeable at the higher dilutions.

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United States who use medical and pharmaceutical publications, including many new

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chased at graduated prices ! There are some medical men who appear to,

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Ataxia — Potassium : Cyanide — Pseudoleukremia—

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cipally a sedative one, causing lassitude, yawning, and sleepiness ; in a

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found it very successful. What has pleased me most, from a

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The lighter the soil and the later the seeding, the deeper the

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night iior jaw again became displaced in the same manner. He

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treal) thought that in many cases what was called " conserva-

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in the cold waters north of Cape Cod, but also in the

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10th. — Died at 4 o'clock, P.M., ajiparently but little exhausted.

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away, but the placenta was left behind till the next day, when it was expelled

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patient is to have his astigmatism corrected by using the

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and many others. Of the comprehensive articles upon this topic, may be cited the

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already facing a substantial deficit and this proposed

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as the portal of entry. The occurrence of cervical adenitis with some

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three months the antitoxic serum should contain from 300 to SOO

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practice critics, — is obliged to supervise the Practice work of this large

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vu., n / Intermittent al- ; Morning urine • So album

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the city of Philadelphia having appropriated $15,000 appliance necessary for scientific midwifery. The at-

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general oozing continued for a long time. Eventually it seemed

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we have the characteristic lesion of the disease, an

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phenomenon, but persisted with remarkable steadiness till the animals were killed ; and even

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teacher in this city, used to relate to his class, that he had seen

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a serious disease within the bowel. This disease may be syphilitic

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a young doctor to gain a respectable clientage, whereas, half

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during this early period is of the utmost consequence, as if

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When it becomes lukewarm add the contents of one of the pep-

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third salt water, and tamponing the vagina with bovinine-

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principle, than to swell this chapter mto a volume, and for the simple

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primary centres, and laceration of the bladder or internal

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medicine’s case for better health to the people via

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fomented every day over a pot of volatile herbs, as pen-