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This case is interesting on account of the size of the

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Orton, Staff-Assistant-Surgeon II. J. W., to be Assistant-Surgeon

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calculus, but more especially in the earlier stages of

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nitric acid was again painted over the unhealed portion of

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poses, a registration of the causes of death : be it

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have given in cases of this kind, it is impossible not

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plete necrosis or death of the bone, suppui-ation and

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crura cerebelli. These transverse fibres are the com-

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shall have died, and shall from time to time make tlie

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mass, of the size of a cricket-ball, outside the vagina; it

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Bouchardat, M., examination of urine in disease, 124

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next year's prize the following questions : — What

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common and collegiate instruction has struck its roots

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secondarily interfering with the normal nutrition of the

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present building, consequently, could not have been

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" 2. Should you be inclined to become a subscriber?

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The seat of rupture was not ascertained in the remain-

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been previously healthy, and was seven months preg-

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ing from disease of the retina and albuminuria. From

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birth, that it was practically impossible to gain an ac-

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inventive bent of our day may eventually devise some

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racter of that infection having been placed beyond dispute

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at Philadelphia would remind the medical profession

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tbe neck, which increased in size until it was as large as

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existence of close physiological relationship between

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better proof of guilt, the young man was liberated.

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chinae, becomes a prey to these parasites; but how would

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"If the cornea of a wliite rabbit be punctured with a

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was done, the stable door was closed before all the horses

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We think it fair to Mr. Curling to print the answer

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year ; and the society, under its new name, has re-

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etc., for their purposes ; and equally certain that no

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the benevolent intentions of its founder have not been

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ence will find a magnificent field, and receive ready

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average; and that, for this purpose, a charge should be

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occasional use of solutions of nitrate of silver or sulphate