least not specifically, by immunization with foreign protein, but this
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in that way. I think that two things are to be spoken
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hesions, so also an ileus can be produced by evacuating a
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in the shoe. 1 have taken a certain amount of pains
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matory type of the fever subsides when the inflammation
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courst' t)f the iliscasi'. The recognition of syphilitic fever is of great diag-
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the pelvis. Duret (Journal des Sciences Medicales de Lille,
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tality did not originate from a decrease of the miasma^ but from a de-
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literature ; he noted that twelve similar specimens had been shown to
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substance, and that when the salts of calcium are present in
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diaphragm must become loosened. ( Tiie British Medi-
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Dr. Hamilton, (fineral Moses .M. Hani', and the writer,
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a prior existence in the heart, may and does lead to its dis-
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would be put on sound cattle, and the disease would in time be
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26 (6), pp. 437-446, figs. 1-4, pis. 1-2, figs. 1-8. [VV«.]
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ments was lengthened to three weeks in some patients and to irregular
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The following cases are taken from DargaucTs thesis :
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those containing yellowish pigment than can be found in ordinary
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worth and culture, and for his most efficient services as a
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The frequency with which streptococcic infections, especially of
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cases I have used the Murphy button. Although all the cases, when
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gentle stimulant power to the whole body. As a substitute for spirituous or malt liquors,
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1847-8, are not less remarkable than the diminution in the
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some of these articles. It has been stated, that some
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tinuous use of small doses of Fowler's solution does favorably influence
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" Nothing has been omitted by the author which, in his judgment, would add to the
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who seek to replace the excitement of battle by tlie