all fractures of the thigh. It is the rule, and the preservation of the
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Dr. Clarence H. Mott : Does Dr. Shipway still pass the pharyngoscope
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selves an amount of responsibility which they cannot hope to
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endo-cervicitis and other congestive processes should be the most
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The fibers become separated and do not contract as rapidly as the
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ness, and convenience. The prefatory printed matter has been reduced
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decided, after consultation between us, to give complete rest
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bloody, is of a deep-red color, and its glomeruli are prominent. This,
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times in carcinoma, when it seems as if the cancer cells
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about a sudden onset of typhoid fever. — The Medical Age.
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cheaply disposed of by the process of land irrigation
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during the latter part of the ^asthmatic stage, that
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creased frequency of the same. In addition she had a watery discharge from
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the special incidence of the disease on the men of the hospital corps as
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Descending stairs requires full weight on one knee in the
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LaGarde, Louis A., Captain and Assistant Surgeon. The leave
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Gextlemex — For several years the reports sent to the Academy of
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tration of how much in the power of these cells we all are :
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show signs distinguishing them from perforative peritonitis in typhoid
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as soon thereafter as practicable, for the physical examina-
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intense languor and weakness, slight exertion producing an
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An active, energetic lawyer, 55 years of age, had a
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A patient taken with fever, vomiting, and headache, is ill for twelve
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Dr. J. Da Costa — " whose contributions to pathological science,"
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serum series but showed nevertheless marked differences in their course, as
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losis. Neither is the tendency to fever increased by the mountain climate,
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. different in legal medicine. Upon it may depend the decision of questions
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The Council's Physician Referral Service operates in
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to it, and free from the herd instinct incidental to being here. But I want to
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family gave the more recent history of malaria, sore
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