organism is seriously affected, as is shown by the fever and cachexia.
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specific fever due to some infecting germ, and similar arguments might be
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of the tongue, and is more frequently on the edge than on the dorsum or
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hyajnas, racoons, and bears — all possess modifications of the same dentition adapted
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tried the baths of Bourges, but returned, suffering from excruciating agony.
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where extensive operations are called for, as the hsemorrhage from the facial and
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under ground above six hours, all of them die hectic or become paraly-
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On the third day the swelling of the face was more diflfused, extend-
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city of Boston. One not well acquainted with the actual condition of
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have remained there ever since, harmless for the most part, except on
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constant proportion between adhesions and other effects of tubercles.
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LITERATURE.— Brissaud. Arch, de iieurol., Paris, 1890, xix, p. 1.— 2. Gowers. Med.-
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polar cells situated there, a circumstance to which many pathologists
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internally is no use. Morphia and opium should not be withheld where
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and recovered, whose cure could not well be attributed to any one
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be contributed to by an actual want of blood, the vessels being empty, and
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est, and with considerable feeling promised to conduct in all respects
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