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more severe cases, however, the entire body should be
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priated annually $30,000 for the administration of the
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ratory failure, or from kidney diseases secondary to cystitis. Recovery is the
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per cent.) occurred between forty and sixty years of age.
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potassium, and the muriate of ammonia should also be tried if the iodide
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laid in at Sierra Leone, operating along with the foul ballast,
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various metallic kations, especially copper, were found to be toxic to the
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of the 23 families living on the first floor comprised only 1 child each.
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ness, anxiety, marked lassitude, etc. Did not improve.
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After that time she remained in the care of Dr. Hale and myself.
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some cases, from a comparatively slight blow from a body with a
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of diagnosis in typhoid fever in children is largely
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officers inquiring about MASA’s Printing Departmen:
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metamorphosis of the elements of the solids and fluids. If however the process of oxydation
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of the boys, James Hill, was broken out and in bed. The crujjtion first
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is a parallel in this respect between the relative susceptibility of
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symptoms appeared for three hours ; they then set in, in the usual way, and
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blood studies in cirrhotics with splenomegaly. Antihypertensive effects
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important, the following as the principles on which he proceeds
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metacarpo-phalangeal articulations, and again at the middle of the last phalanges
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all others who will do the same, and will send us the
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Camden were tested for tetanus germs by the State bacteriologist
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Circulatory System, — The disease shows rather a toxic effect on the heart as shown
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safe, and much more satisfactory in its results, but it
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