small doses of the extract of mandrake, taken every
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be returned to the reformatory at any time within this six
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vomiting 1% Musculoskeletal Musculoskeletal aches/pains 1% Neurological Numbness 2%. paresthesia
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Contraindications: Children below age 12; sulfonamide hyper-
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have therefore been regarded as waste products. Dr.
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prize โ€” Sl'X) โ€” and it was thus received and disposed of.
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prove of service. A watery solution of picric acid (1 to 200) used
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cerumen occurs but seldom. It occurs somewhat more frequently from long-
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Digestive troubles, stomatitis (Rendu), a constant taste of sulphide
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Blandford โ€” from whom I take most of the details in regard to the sym-
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prisoner's favour, considered that the deceased might have been shot by the
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persons in the same house were attacked, but the disease did not
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stitial edema is a manifestation of malnutrition and may also
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the first manifest symptoms of its action are, generally, such
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Messung des Druckes im Auge. Arch. f. d. ges. Physiol.,
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off in a threshing-mill. The doctor left after another tumbler,
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blue, five minutes. If a large number of curved rods be present,
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Such are the main points of the structure of this very com-
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administrative activities, classroom teaching, and research,
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this happened, and the fragments, finally detached, were
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second, a stage of severe muscular pain with pyrexia ; and, third, a stage of
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degrees; pulse, 111!. Morning temperature, '.ยป< I l-.~> degrees;
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belief that diligence and earnest study and the highest cul-
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characteristics for a considerable period. Hence, apparently
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