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function of binding ligaments, connecting the scapula and the

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33.' Cervieal Lac6rationB.-^Tlte dangers of lacerations of

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menorrhea should be treated with wide dilation, curetage, and

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sufficiently severe to simulate an organic stricture, and requiring the

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consolidation of upper lobe of right lung with infiltra-

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from the outer free end for a considerable distance. The lumen

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the development of grave symptoms at any stage — ^intense jaundice, fever,

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The most striking feature attending the use of this preparation,

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Foreign bodies not infrequently invade the Eustachian tube. For

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reached 102.4°, 10 cc. of the antistreptococcic serum was

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after operations on the mucous membranes, or where mucous membrane

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thorized a conclusion incontrovertibly established, that the intel-

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medical specialist, who sees in the symptoms complained

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patients, I keep a bag of ice in close proximity to

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Died. — In New Bedford, Mass., October 9th, of membranous croup, John Bradford,

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As indicated by a loud, metallic cough, emaciation and debility,

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hy (Jram.-; method. This oryanism has a charaeteristie ;^ro\vth in culture.

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drainage-tube is now in the abscess and some four or more inches

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• i:. parted b\ Mr. Jo i ph Johnston, Clinical Clerk.

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from its attachment. The spleen had some trivial surface

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in the laboratory was introduced into one calf, nearly

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vices of idleness the pure lymphatics take the palm. Apart from crimes

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when it is found that there may be high leucocytosis — -20,600 to

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medicine does no doubt give effectual relief in some cases of

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This feature is pointed out both by Dr. Galabin and Dr. Mahomed, as especially

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Eussian is in consonance with the fact that Russia and Poland have long

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more than eight applications, in most only three or four. Of the

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young vessels shortly gi'ow, even if present in only small

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1904 c— Idem. [Abstract of 1904 a, by Klett] <Fortschr. d. Vet.-Hyg., Berl.,

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to the consolidated orders of the Poor-law Board, and that it

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Bleeding rarely occurred and was then due to the pas-

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Maukdsb, Surgeon to the I^ndon Hospital, formerly Demonstrator of Anatomy

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