boisterously, ideas of exaltation, expressing queer

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coagula floating near the surface. At two o'clock no appearance of

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may be well preserved. The treatment is the same as that for

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diminishes the intervals between the exacerbations. Even when the original

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spoonful of the pulverized root, but it is more com-

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the means of conveying the infection. Cans or bottles returned from

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recognition of the fact that we have here to treat a mental disease, as it

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digest 1 oz. of powdered litmus in a pint of proof spirit for 7

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Serveaux (Archiv. de Neurol.) refer to the conflicting dicta of various writers

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bumin. We now repeated the injection, 3 c.c. of anti-

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from the bottom of the Thames, who are accustomed to drink from two

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ment were entrusted, and to whose assistance the success of

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voir leur eflScacite dans une ecurie situ^e au centre de I'fepid^mie, 61oignfe

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larial origin, concludes that: I. There exists a form

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Treatment. — The prophylaxis as well as treatment of scurvy,

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Treatment. — The irritability, and consequent pain,

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rut were afl'ected with some uncommon corr.r>laint of that kind;

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"time of his famous speech against Warren Hastings ? For

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tion, and, of course, we all thought labor would be promptly induced

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animal suddenly elevates that side of his body and drops the

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This aseptic trephine, it will be seen, is somewhat similar to the

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tions, either physically or ment.-Uly." Now that definition miglit

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a chemically pure sulphate of quinia without making

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ently from an elm, consequently, the brain is divided into

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rash abuse, and not the judicious exhibition of tobacco, can aflbrd ground for apprehension.

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the Atlantic regions of the United States, prior to the arrival of

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the body having been examined long after death, or from accidental

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thumb may incline to the right and the little finger to the

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hundred years ; where 30 per cent, of his neighbors are lepers ; on terms

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quite made up her mind, and was ready to undergo the operation whenever I

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contain a transparent serum ; sometimes they are reddish from the

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neurosurgery, obstetrics and gynecologic surgery, occupational surgery, ophthalmology and oto-

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autopsy. This question, however, I shall have to discuss further on (p. 464).

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article by Dr. Fisher, of California, headed — " Chloro-

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]\lr. Garlick, the surgeon of Halifax, and the Board

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the whole body ; and he quotes, as confirmation of this opinion,