and the distance between the nipples is, in a normal chest, equal to the

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to the blood in the vessels. But we dwell too long over a single flower in

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soft, and flabby. On the inner surface, particularly of the musculi papillares

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I said. I think these cases should have been reported to the Health

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victim of some form or other of psychopathia sexualis.

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of Medicine, and in this respect, of course, the members of our

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considered in the light of both the refraction and the convergence,

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which may be fastened in jDlace by two or three Xo. 1

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ceived to cause increased tension in the semicircular canals. Thus all cases

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150. She was cold to the knees, and wandering in mind, yet came out of

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in the scientific world, and today, we can recognize three

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within the chest becomes rarefied, the pressure upon the thoracic surface

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coloured typhoid eruption. Headache is also more severe and persistent

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At the end of fonr or five days of ordinary treatment there was no dis-

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Presidential Address. — Dr. Blue then introduced the

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members is succeeded by complete paralysis. Very unexpectedly, some-

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the highest order, and that the scientific diagnosis of disease

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terial origin. Obviously, however, its implications carry the

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well compensated and are receiving digitalis and diuretics. Beta-adrenergic blocking agents do not

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of all secretion. Of these two phenomena, the first only is profoundly

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duct in itself causes but little disturbance. Transposition of the main

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by Brooke M. Anspach, M.D.. Associate in Gynecology. University of Pennsylvania. Cloth. $9.00.

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quiring special skill or training, it is not permissible for