3. Motor Troubles: (a) Convulsive: e. g., eclampsia, cramps, and

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an entire lobe. The sputum is almost pure blood, bright red and

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attacks of malarial origin? I have made f & J &

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above and 1 in. to the left of right patella. The knee being flexed at

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there may be, on proper days, certain hours in which the physicians in

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by chemical process ; and can be studied only in its effects

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SYRUPUS ROBORANS is in perfect solution, and will keep in any climate.

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with a complete atlas of the bacteria which have assumed

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loveliness, exertuig the happiest inliuence upon all with whom she

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barely maintain himself on his feet. Recovery was not complete

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flesh. The eggs of the "worm are taken up by the pig in

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longata, near the seat of the tubercula quadrigemina is destroyed,

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that the obstruction is incomplete and that the kidney is functioning.)

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sleep. There is, in this case, no fluid or divining influence. We merely

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Library and Journal Association by Dr. Speir, November ITth:

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bly, a."* some suppose, from the poisonous properties of ergot, but

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bacilli contain a well defined, round body, deeply stained,

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part of the army was found to be unhealthy. It was observed,

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and a brace of ducks from the very spit of the thrifty Cooper of Wolf's

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only thirty-five days, and a cord of white oak ninety-one days ; a

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utilization of carbohydrate are almost invariably acid in character, and

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jUarmed, however, by the large quantity of black blood that

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bit and identical with that obtained from a case of pemphi-

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discovery of the diphtheria bacillus in the exudate of a scarlatinal

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like a blister, and was also painted many times with combinations of iodine.

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porous stone : — applied to the calcareous matter

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of the pregnant cow, and that this theory explained the special

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side of the coracoid process, and the slioulder was unnaturally

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Etiology and pathology. Spasm of the tongue hardly ever

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paratively certain, provided it is administered sufficiently

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knowledge he had accumulated, his unusual powers of thought

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cision was best, though it had been precipitated in the case

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declines, the rash gradually fades away and the surface of the skin

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at once a chart of all that is important to be known.

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small town. The residents also learned things in which

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assistant-surgeons, no fewer than 63 (more than half)